Lung transplantation: the patient view from either side of the operating table – an article in Breathe (2021)

02 May 2021 - 08:05

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The experiences of two patients: one waiting for a lung transplant, the other a lung transplant recipient, published in Breathe in March 2021.

Lung transplantation is the fourth most common type of solid organ transplant, with over 5000 taking place worldwide in 2015. This article describes the experiences of two patients, one waiting for a lung transplant, the other a lung transplant recipient.

Even though he is not ready to go on the list, Ron Flewett) and his wife Maxine have already begun to prepare for the possibility of a lung transplant. They have made sure their mobile phones are on different networks in case one of them is out of range when the vital call comes through. They have bought the motorhome that Maxine will stay in to be close to the hospital where Ron’s transplant will take place, and where Ron can stay for a month after discharge when he will have regular appointments for tests. Ron has even changed his diet and lost weight to be as physically prepared as possible. But being mentally prepared is a bit more of a stretch: although he feels lucky to have the chance of a transplant, Ron admits to being “petrified” at the thought of going through the surgery.

Find the full article, written by Clare Williams, Ron Flewett and Beatriz Salgueirofor, for download here.


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