European PF Patient Summit
PF Patient Summit

Every two years, EU-PFF hosts the European PF Patient Summit, inviting patients, experts, industry, clinicians and researchers to discuss, network and learn about the latest insights in Pulmonary Fibrosis.

Aimed at such a diverse field of participants, the summit’s program offers plenty of variety each year – and, most importantly, puts the patients’ perspective at the center of the event. What is more, the Federation usually hosts a series of complementing webinars leading up to the event, providing useful, patient-centric information revolving around research, person-centred care, policy and advocacy, including short summaries with subtitles in 9 languages. You can find them here.

Conceived as a European Summit, the event also offers live translations for each session, in 2022 for example in the following languages: Spanish, Italian, French, Greek, Bulgarian, Dutch, Polish, German, Romanian and Portuguese.

PF Patient Summit 2024

We are very happy to announce that the 3rd European PF Patient Summit will take place from April 26-28 2024 in Castelldefels, Spain

We would like to sincerely thank our sponsors for making it possible for us to host the European PF Patient Summit and allow the Pulmonary Fibrosis community – patients, caregivers, patient advocates, and healthcare professionals – to come together with a common goal: to shape the future of research & care in Pulmonary Fibrosis together and in the best interest of patients.

Previous PF Patient Summits

You can find the report on the last two European Pulmonary Fibrosis Patient Summits for download here (2021) and here (2022); the sessions of each event are available as recordings here.

The European PF Patient Summit 2022 was Patients Included™ incorporating the experience of patients as experts and ensuring that they are neither excluded nor exploited. For more information, click here.

The European PF Summit 2022 was endorsed by