EU-PFF Consultation Guides

2022 saw the publication of two new EU-PFF Consultation Guides: the EU-PFF guide to living with PF, a free resource for newly diagnosed patients containing key information on the most important aspects of living with PF, e.g. managing the disease, diagnosis and treatment, self-care and support groups; and the EU-PFF guide to treating fILDs which provides essential information and an overview of the most important aspects of the disease – from prevalence to diagnosis and treatments to disease course and progression – and supports practitioners and HCPs working in the field of fILD in diagnosis and their decision-making process, and helps them quickly refer patients to the right specialist. The guides also highlight the importance of adequate nutrition, peer and psychological support as well as patient organisations and support groups.

Both guides, on the one hand as an indispensable tool for HCPs to treat patients with Pulmonary Fibrosis adequately, and as a self-help tool for patients on the other hand, are cornerstones of the EU-PFF’s mission to support, educate and thereby empower PF patients in Europe and beyond.

Please find the EU-PFF guide to treating fILDs in English language here.

The EU-PFF guide to living with Pulmonary Fibrosis is available in the following 14 languages:

Bulgarian | Croatian | Czech | Dutch | EnglishFrench | German | Greek |Hungarian | Italian | Polish | Portuguese | Romanian | Spanish



In this short video, our president Steve Jones explains why you should have a look the EU-PFF Consultation Guides and what the guide for living with Pulmonary Fibrosis in particular can offer to patients.

The guides are also available as videos – both in full and as short, concise and informative clips on the individual chapters of the guides. Just click on the video you want to watch and press play.