Our Sponsors & Partners
Our Sponsors

EU-PFF was founded on an ethos of collaboration and co-operation. We are proud to gratefully acknowledge the partnership, financial support and commitment to our patient community given by all of our sponsors.

Platinum Sponsors

has over 95 years of heritage in respiratory disease, including conditions like asthma, COPD & Pulmonary Fibrosis and continues to create breakthrough therapies that change lives.

Gold Sponsors

is researching multiple mechanisms and approaches, with the goal of helping those living with IPF and other forms of lung fibrosis.

believes that by working closely together with the patient community it can make even more of a difference for patients. 

is committed to the improvement of the quality of life of people suffering from respiratory diseases and has been developing medicines to treat respiratory diseases for over 30 years.

is committed to saving lives and improving the quality of life for patients with rare and serious diseases around the globe.

Silver Sponsors

is focused on the development and commercialisation of an oral therapy for the treatment of chronic cough in IPF and other chronic cough conditions.

is committed to working closely with the patient community and with scientific experts and clinicians to find innovative solutions that meet the needs of these patients.

directs its efforts to developing new treatments for pulmonary vascular and interstitial lung diseases and offers Expanded Access Programs (EAPs) for eligible candidates. 

Want to support our cause?

We need your active help and participation in raising awareness of PF to shape healthcare policy, treatment, care and research in favour of Pulmonary Fibrosis patients in Europe and beyond.