PF Awareness Month 2023

PF Awareness Month & the “Breathing Life” campaign

Despite Pulmonary Fibrosis being such a serious disease affecting 400,000 people and claiming 100,000 lives each year in Europe alone, it is little known to the public.

Therefore, PF Awareness Month – which in 2023 for the third time in a row used the slogan “Breathing Life” – sought to draw attention to PF, its implications and the changes it brings about in daily life as well as the physical and psychological strain that the disease places on patients and their loved ones – but also to the essential moments of light-heartedness, normalcy and happiness that patients with PF still experience despite this burden.

In order to truly raise awareness and bring about real change for PF patients, all those interested were invited to join the Federation, #PFMonth 2023 and #BreathingLife to raise awareness of the challenges associated with this serious disease and encourage friends and family to act now and see a doctor at the first symptoms.

We have developed a range of materials for the 2023 campaign, which are listed below.

#PFMonth 2023 Social Media Plan

Here you can find the social media plan including editable campaign visuals and a selection of posts in select languages. Open your favourite visual in Canva, add your logo and translate the text into the language of your choice. When posting on social media, please use the hashtags #PFMonth #BreathingLife and #CurePF.

#PFMonth 2023 banner and campaign poster

Find the #BreathingLife 2023 banner and campaign poster for Social Media and your website here.

#BreathingLife 2023 Flyer

Please find the #BreathingLife 2023 flyer in select languages for download here. Available languages: English, Greek, Italian, and Polish.


#BreathingLife 2023 video material

Find the #BreathingLife 2023 video material here, including relevant quotes & short statements by patients, clinicians & researchers in the field of pulmonary fibrosis.

#BreathingLife Carton picture frames

Please find our A2 carton picture frames in different colours and with different hashtags here. You can download the files and print them locally! Don´t miss to share your best shots!

#BreathingLife magnetic pin and sticker

We have again supplied our members and stakeholders with magnetic pins and stickers
of the “Breathing Life” visual. This unique visual was specifically developed for the campaign.

Short consultation guides for print and Social Media

Short versions of the two EU-PFF consultation guides on living with and treating PF – both for printing and Social Media. The short version for patients is available in 10 languages.

Full-length consultation guides

Two separate guides on living with and treating Pulmonary Fibrosis, each available as both PDFs and videos. The guide on living with PF is available in 14 languages.   


#BreathingLife 3D-lung

Print your own 3D-lung – the effect is impressive! Click on the image above to download the high-resolution print files. Also don´t miss to watch the video of our example 3D-lung “breathing life”!


For the very first time, in 2023 there will be a face-to-face element to the PF Awareness Month campaign. After many years of lockdown and COVID-restrictions, this year we wish to connect with the general public through face-to-face activities carried out in the local communities. This is a great chance to connect with people, speak up and raise awareness of pulmonary fibrosis! EU-PFF member organisations were invited to submit their applications to apply for a 2000 EUR grant to run their local face-to-face event. Three organisations have been selected by an independent committee. Details on the winners´ local events will be shared here as they become available.

EU-PFF is grateful to the following sponsors for supporting this year’s awareness campaign: